Vanessa Ingram

TEDxSoleburySchool Talk: Truth Is Relative
We do not exist if not in relation to others. This concept was first made salient to me in a psychology text. I find it to be the most profound concept I have ever known. My idea worth spreading is not a novel one, but it is an idea that we have all horribly neglected to acknowledge in reality — our awareness of our social climates and how we shape one another; the idea that everything we are is just a woven tapestry, threaded of anyone we have even known. My work shows you the sides of people that the world has hardened our hearts to see - what people are made of and what we are in need of to be whole. My hope is that my work brings understanding, insight and knowledge, but most importantly that it cultivates and generates unconditional love.

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About Vanessa
Vanessa Ingram is a Pennsylvania native, born and raised in Delaware County. After completing her undergraduate degree at Indiana University to of Pennsylvania, Vanessa settled in Philadelphia where she works serving youth who are experiencing housing crisis. As a poet and vocalist, Vanessa uses her art as the platform to spread awareness of the social and intrapersonal issues that impact our lives. She is currently working toward her Master’s degree in Clinical counseling at Eastern University. She hopes to one day utilize her education and art together to drive and provide holistic healing specifically within minority communities.